White Deer Project: Seneca Depot Postcards

In addition to her riff on the White Deer Terroir Project in Wonderbook, Dr. Brown provided students with an assignment with a more concise focus: a postcard project. You can find her main project based on the white deer here.

Examples of student postcard work: postcard example objective 1postcard example objective 2postcard example objective 3.

Conducted by Dr. Meghan Brown

Postcards consist of an attention-grabbing image and text that connects the image to the writer and reader. For this assignment, you will (1) capture an image that demonstrates a course objective and (2) compose a description of the image as it relates to the course objective (less than 150 words). Postcards will be graded on their accuracy in applying the objective (60%) and creativity of the design (40%). Postcards must feature one of the three course goals.