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Welcome to Wonderbook‘s Web Extras. Hopefully you’re visiting while you read Wonderbook to check out the extras promised via Webinator web icon in the book, divided up by chapter. If you haven’t read Wonderbook, you should know that this section is not meant to provide a comprehensive look at creative writing topics but to provide supplementary material. This is especially true of the Appendix extras, which generally provides a “key” to exercises set out in the book.

Two Major New Features

For the revised Wonderbook, we’ve added two robust features based on the environmental storytelling section of the Appendix: White Deer Terroir Project examples and Seneca Depot Postcard Project by biologist and HWS professor Meghan Brown and The Ecology of Storytelling by Kate Schapira.

Outside Resources

Later this year we’ll build a complete page of outside resources on any number of writing topics. In the meantime, to enhance and supplement information in the book about diversity and writing the other, writer and teacher K. Tempest Bradford kindly provided these useful links: Nisi Shawl’s essay “Representing My Equals,” Bradford’s “Representation Matters,” and the resources section of the Writing the Other website. Bradford has also created a Google+ community called The Picture Game, which provides a daily writing exercise.

Retired Pages

A few Wonderbook pages were retired for the new, revised edition. But you can still find those pages here.

Pages from the original Wonderbook by Abrams Books on Scribd

General Bonus Features 

In addition to the web extras indicated by icon in the book, here are a few  bonus features:

Features by chapter

Chapter 1: Inspiration & the Creative Life

Chapter 2: The Ecosystem of Story

Chapter 3: Beginnings and Endings

Chapter 4: Narrative Design

Chapter 5: Characterization

Chapter 6: Worldbuilding

Chapter 7: Revision

Workshop Appendix

Note: All discussion sections below except The Exercise Room link contain spoilers, in that it is important to do the exercises listed in the book before reading the discussion pages below, which will otherwise affect how you complete the exercise.