Welcome to Wonderbooknow.com!

Welcome to Wonderbooknow.com, a site that supports Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction.

We’re celebrating the release of the expanded, revised edition! It’s been five years since Wonderbook came out and we’ve heard from so many writers and teachers who’ve found it of use. The outpouring of love for the book has been amazing. We’ve heard from high school students and teachers, colleges, and master’s programs. Creatives in fields other than writing also have used the book. 

The new edition includes 11 new images in the main body of the book and two new diagrams. The appendix includes three new modules, one focused on different storytelling perspectives, one on structure, and one on the environment and storytelling. In addition to some new writing exercises. More than 60 pages! A few pages have been retired to make space for new material, but you can find and download them by clicking on the Extras/Web Extras tab at the top of this page.

Major new web extras include material on eco-storytelling and the white deer project.

Wonderbook is the first fully illustrated creative writing guide, with over 250 full-color images, and is meant to be of use to any beginning or intermediate fiction writer–although it should be of use for all creatives and anyone who wants to recharge their imagination. A few features on the book have already run, including a comprehensive interview by Bill Tipper at the Barnes & Noble Review and  a peak at text and image over on Fastcocreate.

The primary purpose of the website is to provide all of the supplementary extras promised in Wonderbook, which you can find under the web icon menu feature “Web Extras”. That includes additional writing exercises, discussion of the exercises in the book, additional examples, and much more. Highlights among these web extras include:

You’ll also find additional useful material. Among the highlights:

Please sign our Guestbook, and take a look around. If you haven’t read the book, there are convenient links on the sidebar. If you want to get in touch,  email me at pressinfo at vandermeercreative.com

Many, many thanks to all of the Wonderbook contributors–and special thanks to Luis Rodrigues for designing this site, Jeremy Zerfoss for his art, and Gregory Bossert for creating the Wonderbook video. Also my heartfelt appreciation of Matthew Cheney’s extremely sharp mind and wise counsel as well as John Coulthart’s stabilization of the book’s layout. – Jeff VanderMeer

Scott Eagle art shot
(Scott Eagle poses his art in Wonderbook with the original…)